ADITIC and madvertise announce a partnership to boost mobile advertising across multiple markets

Paris, 16th February, 2010 – ADITIC, the online advertising marketplace and madvertise, the leading German mobile advertising specialist, have today announced that they will work together to further develop their mobile advertising activities.

Both companies have led the development of this nascent market in their respective home markets and will leverage this partnership to expand their activities.ADITIC and madvertise both focus on the delivery of high-performance campaigns for leading brands such as Marmara, Lufthansa, Germanwings and leading publishers such as AOL and MSN and will leverage this partnership to increase their presence in a number of European markets, with a focus on French and German-speaking countries.

Carsten Frien, CEO at madvertise says, “With an innovative partner such as ADITIC, we are looking forward to providing our customers with premium reach in the French market. At the same time, we offer our top local network campaigns from French premium brands – a clear win-win situation for both companies.”

The partnership includes the delivery of CPM and CPC campaigns across a large number of publishers’ inventories including mobile web but also smartphone applications which both companies have developed very actively.

According to Julien Oudart, VP Sales & Marketing at ADITIC,”It is important for us to strengthen our position in Europe by selecting the right local partner and madvertise is the dominant force in Germany and other German-speaking markets.  Publishers and brands that work with either one of the platforms will eventually benefit from this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the return they can expect from mobile advertising.”

About Aditic

Headquartered in Paris, ADITIC is a new concept of online marketplace where Operators, Publishers, Developers, Agencies and Advertisers meet and become part of a brand new, fast-growing ecosystem. ADITIC helps Operators and Publishers better monetise their inventory thanks to innovative ad formats and real-time auction sales; on the other hand, Media Agencies and Advertisers leverage ADITIC to increase their ROI and generate more leads through a large number of targeting functionalities. Aditic is a product from Sofialys.

About madvertise madvertise (madvertise Mobile Advertising GmbH) is the largest and fastest growing self-service mobile advertising marketplace in the German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Headquartered in Berlin, the company’s mission is to offer advertisers and mobile publishers a fast, efficient, and transparent connection. By accessing their comprehensive mobile-only quality ad network, advertisers have the capabilities to carefully target their audience. On the other hand, by joining the madvertise network, mobile site owners and mobile application developers have the best resources to monetise their content. Founded by Carsten Frien, Pan Katsukis, Thomas Hille and Martin Karlsch, the dynamic team is growing steadily with the addition of technology, sales and advertising experts. madvertise is funded by Team Europe Ventures as well as renowned business angels from agencies, media and Internet companies.

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