An Introduction to Toll Free Numbers

Also known as free phone, free call or 1-800 numbers, these toll free numbers are specialized numbers which enables the caller party to call without being charged ” instead of the usual phone bills being charged to the caller, all phone bills will be sent to the called party.

Derived from collect calls, toll free numbers may consist of different three digit codes ” 800, 888, 877, 866 ” which are not area codes but differ and are not interchangeable. These toll free numbers can be dialed directly to a business phone line, or even your personal telephone. Toll free numbers prove very successful for businesses; in marketing and in customer service ” providing convenience to customers by allowing them free calls. Nowadays, not only businesses take advantage of toll free numbers but also personal lines, especially for parents to allow their college children to call without having to pay.

These special 1-800 numbers are not assigned on purpose or by random, instead the numbers are assigned to entities on a first come, first served basis ” in a nationwide database. This means that these toll free numbers do not differ by areas or by service provider. To find the best service provider for your business, you can contact your phone company or search via internet for service providers near your location.

Also connected to these toll free numbers are vanity numbers or specialized phone numbers usually connected with 1-800, that spell out a business name, an acronym or any name preferred by the toll free subscriber. These special numbers are very much helpful especially for marketing due to the easiness of remembering the name.

Due to the rising demand for toll free numbers,there are unfortunately issues regarding the free call numbers for the service providers and for subscribers as well.

Warehousing’“ or reserving a toll free number without actually having a subscriber is illegal for service providers. The FCC or Federal Communications Commissions greatly bans this kind of practice to reserve every service provider’s right for a first come, first served protocol. Also banned by the FCC is the practice of hoarding or the subscription of toll free numbers than the subscriber intends to use. This kind of habit leads to number brokering or the illegal selling of vanity numbers by subscribers for a higher fee.

Take advantage of the benefits of these toll free numbers by acquiring your number at your chosen service provider.

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