AJ Square Inc Released, AJ Article Directory Software V3.0 – Best PHP Article Directory Script

AJ Square Inc has released, AJ Article Directory Software V3.0 which can be a  professional article and article management script software.

AJ Article Script will be the right choice to make a professional article directory. It provides easy handling admin and user tools which can ability to grab more writers and visitors to your article directory.Your articles may be picked up by hundreds to thousands of highly-targeted content-hungry viewers all around the world who each have valuable email list members of their own. That means your article and expertise may be exposed to hundreds of thousands or potential users.

At AJ Article , we take your expertise, your quality original articles, and your membership with us very seriously. Our acumen and seasoned management team is backed with more than a dozen full-time team members committed to making you look good. Combine this with our obsession with delivering you a fast user experience that becomes more intuitive by the week and we know you’ll be able to get a quality return on your time when you submit your cogent articles today.

Highlighted Features of AJ Article Directory V3.0:

1.Valuable Articles can be added in Featured list

2.Opinions polls available for an interactive session

3.Article Widget and Social book marking are the great stuffs

4.It offers Google Analytics and Google Visualization

5.Built & tested for stability in PHP v5.2 & MySQL

6.Stunning Templates and Easy-to-Navigate Interface

7.Advanced Admin control panel & User-puller features

8.Easily Customizable to any extent, upon Request

9.Proven Traffic driver, increases your page rankings

10.Pop Up Over Control Management

11.Expedient Viral Marketing

12.In line Text Advertisement by Google Ad sense

Definitely AJ Article will be the right choice to start your professional Article Directory and easy to handle members, articles and site as well.

Sender Name:                    AJ Square Inc

Sender E-mail:                  joelchrist6@gmail.com

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