Small and Medium-sized Companies Gather Valuable Business Intelligence with DataAssist.

Edge Evolve, a leading Information Technology and Communication company, has successfully implemented DataAssist in NTF India, on the existing SAP ERP System.

DataAssist is an information management tool that meets all the management and reporting requirements of a business in a single environment. DataAssist has been designed to operate seamlessly across all business functions and has the capacity to extract data from any data source, or even  from multiple data sources simultaneously.

NTF India is a leading automotive components manufacturing company in India. Over the course of the past decade, the company amassed a huge amount of data. The in-house ERP system was replaced with the SAP ERP system to manage this data more efficiently, but the growing business demanded more sophisticated, yet flexible reporting.  The business intelligence tool required had to enable the user community to extract its data in a meaningful and user-friendly environment.

By utilising the capability of DataAssist to connect to multiple data sources, using either native drivers or ODBC, the connection to NTF’s SAP ERP system was seamless.

NTF makes extensive use of the following functionality in DataAssist, in order to increase productivity and make strategic business decisions:

–  Standard or ad hoc queries – the solution’s user-friendliness enhances productivity, while freeing up IT resources for more critical work.

–   Fully web-enabled solution – meets the needs of modern, dispersed organisations.

–    Charting ‘standard pie, bar or line graphs, or more sophisticated GIS maps and contour graphs, are all performed by the system.

–   Automatic cubes’ DataAssist automatically generates cubes and pivot views of data for rich and detailed analysis, using dozens of built-in functions.

–   Dashboard” the application’s dashboard provides the end-user with a comprehensive view of the business’s key indicators in a rich content format, on a single screen.

To enhance productivity among users, DataAssist also provides a workflow-based scheduling engine that automates reporting tasks. Instead of having to run reports manually at regular intervals, the system does it automatically at scheduled times and provides feedback via e-mail.

Even though NTF implemented SAP to manage its data, the organisation faced a challenge that is common to most small and medium-sized companies ” gaining access to data in a meaningful way. DataAssist enabled NTF to achieve the full benefit of its ERP system.

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