A Secure On-site Disk Wipe Combats Explosive Growth in Information Security Incidents

Format Fixed Disk – Writes a pattern of information, then formats the drive with a factory style low level format. Short Security Wipe  Overwrites data twice with two different data patterns. Long Security Wipe – Overwrites data six times using four different data patterns.

Long Security Wipe with Format – Overwrites data six times using four different data patterns, then performs a factory style low level format. EXCEEDS SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE  With EraserDisk, once the information is gone, there’s no way somebody can get it back.

The only method more safe would be to physically dismantle the drive and destroy the platters inside. EraserDisk is an independent operating system and comes on a boot-able CD. For older systems that don’t have a boot-able CD-ROM drive, A1 can make a boot-able floppy disk from the Eraser-Disk CD. 4 DIFFERENT LEVELS OF ERASURE- Eraser-Disk wipes a drive at one of four selected levels: Eraserdisk is certified DOD 52  20.22-M standard.

A1’s Secure On-site data erasure offers point-to-point control for companies looking to remove data from I.T assets. In fact, it is now considered an information security best practice to erase data on-site, even if it will later be removed by an off-site service provider. When looking for either on-site or off-site disk wipe services, it is critical for companies to choose a qualified and responsible third-party recycler or information technology asset disposition (ITAD) provider. According to Willgren, organizations should look for the following characteristics when selecting a third party for hard-drive cleaning: ” Software wiping tools that overwrite 100 percent of hard drives and provide detailed data erasure reports with asset serial numbers for compliance verification and asset tracking ” EPA-best practice physical disposal that adheres to a zero-landfill policy and Responsible Recycling (R2) standards”International Standards Organization (ISO) compliance and t  ransparent processes for disk wiping and disposal” Full insurance from a qualified logistics carrier and ability to provide references ”Certificates of indemnification for data destruction and environmental disposition for all assets

Hello From A1 Positive Recycling Neil Wintrip, Founding Director of Devon-based A1 Positive Recycling (www.a1prp.co.uk), is passionate about what the project is achieving within the South West communities it serves. The non-profit social enterprise has been established within the Devon community since 1992, although it started out life as a recycling centre for televisions and video players. In 1997, Neil learned about building computers from a friend and since then the organisation’s focus has been on recycling computers, mobile phones and sale & recycling of ink ‘n’ toner cartridges as well as providing training, practical-work-experience for volunteers, typically younger people that have just left school and keen to get some work skills under their belts.

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