Private car sellers can now access a dedicated and free website that can bring immediate cash offers for their cars from registered motor trade dealers.

The website called provides a platform where private sellers can post their vehicle details via an easy to use interface.  This is viewed by over 1000 registered main dealers and vehicle buyers nationwide, who simply contact the seller by telephone or email with their offers and if successful arrange pick up and payment.  Even if there is any outstanding finance that is owed on the car, this is incorporated in the input form and buyers will arrange for this to be settled.Shaun Featherstone, Dealerbids developer said ”In the past few months we have seen a tremendous growth in the online selling of second hand cars to cash offer companies.  Our new ”cash for cars” comparison site can be a real bonus for both sellers and dealers.  Unlike other cash for car companies that will make you a single offer based upon their opinion of your vehicles worth, our site puts your vehicle in front of lots of dealers, increasing your chances of a stronger offer and putting extra money back in your pocket.  On the other hand, dealers are finding their forecourts harder to stock and in today’s financial climate, our site is a cost effective and easy way for them to obtain new stock.”

Dealerbid sits among other major comparison sites in that it offers the consumer great advice and the opportunity to compare the market and gain the best possible price for their car.

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