Parkment Parking Solutions offers new self-enforcement service

Parkment Parking Solutions offer clients an ethical, non-confrontational alternative to wheel clamping, suitable for solving the issue of unauthorised parking on privately owned land (e.g retail parks, university campus, hospitals etc).

The solution is both cost-effective and easy to implement as it is based on a popular ”self-enforcement” policy, whereby clients are able to issue legally enforceable parking charges at their own discretion.Our job is to take full responsibility for pursuing payment, and we even offer our clients a compensatory sum for each collected ticket. Our solutions are suitable for all car parks, regardless of size. Unlike other parking management companies, Parkment Parking Solutions doesn’t set any ”quotas” or individual”targets.” We ensure at all times, that control remains 100% with of our clients.

Speaking at the launch of the company, founder Martin Jones spoke highly of the ethical nature behind the business:

”Private parking management companies are often seen by the public with a negative light . From day one, we have ensured that our company is commited being as ethical and fair as possible. Our comapny has maintained the stance that prevention is better than enforcement with regards to offering each of our private parking solutions. The depth of our UK client base ensures that our services are considered an effective method of preventing car-park abuse.”

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