Are generic Version Of Medicines are safe ?

The generic versions of medications are manufactured following the same formulation used by the branded drugs. They are absolutely safe as they are prepared by following the standard measures put forth by the major scientific organizations.

The dosage and administration of the generic drugs is same as that of the branded medicines. The difference between these two versions of medications is basically of color and price. Generic medications are different in color than the branded medications as it is the rule of the Food and Drug Administration. It  is the safe to buy generic versions of the medicines. But, while buying these medicines you need to take certain care. Please verify the generic version properly before you buy. The first thing to check is to confirm whether the active constituent of the drug is same as that of the branded drug. Also check the concentration of the generic version of the medications and if it is same as that of the branded product then you can certainly opt for the particular drug. Generic versions of the medications contain same active constituent, thus same effectiveness they show.

The best quality of the generic versions of the medications is its price. The cost of the generic drug is about 70% less than that of its branded counterpart. You must be thinking that how so less cost of medications can be a quality product? Your question is absolutely right. But, the answer for this is also appealing. Generic drug manufacturer don’t have to spend any money on marketing, promotion, research, and clinical trials of the drug. This way the money is being saved and automatically the benefit is passed on to the customer in the form of low prices.

The people from US and Europe find the prices of generic medications very cheap. This is because generic medications are manufactured in the developing countries that have the currency value very less than that of the US and Europe. Generic medicines are absolutely safe drugs as they contain the active constituent that is approved by the branded medication.

We recommend you to consult the doctor before you buy any generic medicines. This would be helpful as he may guide you perfectly in this matter. Please take the drug as mentioned by the doctor don’t follow the recommended dosage mentioned on the medicine because doctor might have changed the dosage depending on your health. So, with confirmation of certain checklists you can go for the generic versions of medicines.

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