Circularly-Polarized Active RFID Antenna Useful for Its Omni-Directional Properties

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( has launched its circularly polarized active RFID patch antenna typically useful for its omni-directional properties.

It is ideally suitable for applications such as access control systems, parking control systems, container monitoring – anywhere that the RFID tags are in varying orientations. The compact antenna can also be used outdoors as it has drip holes for moisture drainage.This 433MHz active circularly-polarized patch RFID antenna, model 304004, with UV resistant finish, withstands various harsh operating environments. It conforms to ETS 300 019 standard and can be mounted inside a drywall construction or behind wood paneling, glass or other non-RF shielding materials; it also can be painted with non-metallic paint. The active RFID antenna works well even at temperatures as low as -40 and offers a five meter long cable for signal transmission and reception.

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