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Increasing dependence on mobile phones for staying in touch with friends, colleagues and family all the time has led to multifunctional mobile phones which serve more than one purpose. Also, people use and enjoy using the Internet to keep in touch on Facebook and other instant messenger services too.

Well, a mobile phone with all these requirements along with a music player and camera would indeed be a marvelous surprise to most hardcore mobile users. With the INQ mobile phone being offered to you at just £15-per-month plan, people are going to go for it in large numbers. With INQ mobile in your hands, you could check out your Facebook updates, chat through the Windows Live Messenger and listen to your favorite music tracks as well. Further the INQ phone is also equipped with a 3.2 Megapixel camera which allows you to click pictures which catch your fancy.

Check out the use the widgets offered on INQ which include weather and other popular ones. Providing you with Internet connectivity on to your laptop through your INQ phone works like a USB Modem ensure you get up and moving on the Internet as well.

With Skype on 3, you can make free unlimited Skype to Skype calls all across UK as well as the world. All you need to do is get a Skype compatible phone as well as a SIM Card and get going. You will also need to download Skype which is available for free and open a Skype id as well. With up and ready, talk with your family, friends and colleagues all the time at lowest possible cost provided they use Skype phones as well.

Meanwhile with 3 mobile store offering great and user friendly mobile phones such as INQ,  staying connected does not pose to be a problem or an expensive affair. Keep checking out 3 mobile stores for still more attractive offers and deals online.


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