Reliable ADSL 2+ Tester Covers a Broad Range of Applications

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( highly recommends its multi-functional ADSL 2+ tester, which is intended to test ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL 2+ and RE-ADSL 2 lines. This handheld tester quickly determines the type of line under test and automatically loads the applicable ADSL line standard. It features a quick response time, reliable performance and ease of use.

The operator need only enter the configuration, set the measurement margin and parameters and, with the press of a single key, ADSL 2+ line parameter testing, modem simulation, and ISP login is conveniently completed. This ADSL 2+ tester, model A0300010, performs TX and RX data packet accounting, PING testing and ISP login simulation. The tester also automatically transmits VPI, VCI, user name and password according to embedded configuration parameters which are input via Test Manager Pro software. Test results are clearly displayed on the tester’s high resolution, backlit LCD screen, which indicates alert conditions and the connectivity of WAN or LAN. The high performance ADSL 2+ tester supports a maximum measurement distance of 6.5km and stores over one hundred test results that, along with configurations and margins, can be downloaded to a PC.

GAO Instruments offers a variety of ADSL testers for you to choose from.

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