Ecommerce Journal awards the best Internet projects of 2009

The Ecommerce Journal, the most famous journal on the Internet about e-commerce, e-finance, stocks, forex, trading, investment and money news, announces the start of its the Ecommerce Journal Awards.

Launched last year this online award became a tradition honoring projects and businesses that have achieved the most considered successes in various spheres of the Internet.Last year the Internet journal has presented 6 nominations including the best payment system, the best debuting payment system, the best exchanger, the best autoexchanger, the best DDoS protection and the failure of the year. This time the number of categories was increased and such categories as the best e-commerce blog, the best Forex broker, the best online Poker room, the best online Game, the best Internet project were added.

“Oscar, Grammy, Emmy… There are a lot of various awards in the world that have just one thing in common ” find the best one. Best film, best song, best singer”. Best Internet project. Why not? Internet is a part of our society, its integral and indivisible part, and people working in the Internet industry also deserve honor and respect since they make the Internet such as we got used to see it. Last year it was a kind of experiment however the results exceeded all our expectations,” says Arthur Dunhill, Chief Editor of the Ecommerce Journal.  “This year we decided to continue and to answer the main question of any Internet user ” Which project is the best one? And the answer to this question will be given not by one authoritative expert but the Internet community itself.”

It is necessary to note that this year the list of nominees include such services as Twitter, PayPal, Linkedin, Second Life, World of Warcraft , Line Age, Bing, AliPay, Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, Fxopen, Alpari and many others.

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