Digital Signal Level Meter Performs Auto Test

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends this innovative digital signal level meter providing a complete signal test system in an easy-to-carry protective case.

This full-featured, handheld meter is designed for cable television technicians working on the maintenance of digital, analog, FM or bilateral networks. It offers auto channel spectrum scanning and testing, as well supports USB devices and RS-232 connection.GAO Tek Inc’s intelligent signal level meter, model 1129D, features a durable and portable design, easy keypad operation, high accuracy and quick response time.It possesses functions such as single-channel, multi-channel and all-band scanning, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR, S/N) measurement, and spectrum and frequency analysis. The robust signal level meter allows direct entry to a channel or frequency tuning selection and provides great flexibility in head-ends and distribution networks that use narrow digital signals or non-standard frequency applications. It ships with PC Toolbox Software and constellation diagram as options. It also supports both Limit testing and Auto testing. Furthermore, this signal level meter has a full-color TFT LCD screen and displays signal level in a bar-graph with digital numeric readout that ensures a clear view of test results.

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