Telephone Cable Fault Locator Integrates TDR and Bridge Functions

Toronto, Canada -GAO Tek Inc. ( offers its telephone cable fault locator that integrates both TDR and intelligent bridge testing functions into this one unit.

This fault locator is commonly used for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks, telecommunications and CATV networks. It is an ideal tool for examining patch cords,ribbons or bunched pigtails. This telephone cable fault locator,model 98, operates in both pulse and bridge modes.In pulse mode, the locator tests for line breaks; while in bridge mode, it locates shorts and bad insulation. It overcomes the limitation of the dead zone of a TDR and can detect fiber faults accurately; the dead zone distance is less than 1m. This compact locator performs measurements at a range of up to 15km and detects breaks and micro-bends even in jacketed fibers. The fault locator features a large backlit LCD screen, a low voltage warning, and an automatic power off design.It can work continuously for up to ten hours on a single charge.

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