introduces midnight delivery of gifts to India

Surprising loved ones has just got a shot in the arm with introducing midnight delivery services across all metros and main cities in India like Coimbatore, Thane, Lucknow, Thiruvananthapuram, Pune, Guwahati etc.

These services will let anyone residing abroad and in India send gifts to their loved ones residing in India even at midnight. The midnight delivery services will be available throughout the year. The services are well coordinated with the delivery department which will ensure that the gift reaches the intended recipient bang on time.Gifting has been one of the foremost ways of expression of human emotions since they convey so much more than spoken language.  But time, it sure has changed and lovers have to stay far and wide from each other owing to their own careers. Thousands of people leave for foreign shores and so there are a considerable number of people who have to leave their lovers behind in India. On important occasions such as birthdays, many people staying abroad want to send gifts to their loved ones India. tries to bridge this distance by helping these people send gifts to their loved ones in India.

The Women residing abroad will now have the choice of selecting the right hamper for the men in their life. Lovers trying to send gifts to their lady love in India can now sift through hundreds of hampers consisting of a variety of combinations which will help them find the right gift for their lady love. From soft toys, chocolates, gift vouchers and cakes there are a considerable number of hampers which are up for grabs.

Company CEO, Mr. Amit Desai says, ” Midnight delivery always helps win your lady’s love all over again. Send your love in India a gift.” The midnight services will ensure better relationships between two different people staying apart from each other. The midnight services will surely revolutionise the way gifts are sent.

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