due to launch a new portal into the UK motor industry is due to launch a motoring section in January 2010. This is a new website with a name that stands out from the crowd. will be advertising new, used and lease cars and vans to the millions of UK car buyers.

This new advertising portal aims to connect all traders across the UK to offer consumers a better choice of products to choose from. launches with Help Find Me A Used Car, Help Find Me A New Car, Help Find Me A Lease Car, Help Find Me A Used Van, Help Find Me A New Van and Help Find Me A Lease Van. The pre launch deal offered with motoring is competitively priced for every UK motor dealer and trader.

The website will allow consumers to save adverts so they can come back to them later on. It will allow you to compare cars side by side so you can see the difference. It also has a wish list activator so if you can’t find a particular vehicle; you are able to add this to your wish list and a match will be emailed to you.

Other great features for consumers is each advert page will show you how much Road Tax Costs are, the ability to work out your estimated Fuel Cost for the month and year and also a Car Tax Calculator for new and lease vehicles. It helps every buyer see exactly what they are buying and what every car potential outlay could be.

For individuals wishing to sell their car, will publish these for £10 until it’s sold. This means you have one fixed cost and you will not have to worry about renewing your advert every week.

Business owner Ben Jewsbury said, This site will be great for all motor traders. We aim to include as many motor traders into this site as possible. We are at pre launch stage and signups are coming on board daily ready for the live launch. We look forward to building relationships with motor traders and manufacturers in the coming months.

The site already matches some of the big competitors in the industry with its functions. It is priced a lot cheaper and has got the ability to be one of UK’s most visited website.

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