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Symbiotics Colostrum is manufactured in the world’s only processing plant built exclusively for colostrum. Colostrum sourced exclusively from first milking Certified from pesticide, antibiotic and BSE-free grade A dairy cows raised on grass pastures near the Colorado River, where it is fresh-processed, never frozen, and low-heat treated for maximum potency.

Symbiotics brings you only the best with your health in mind. We brought you Colostrum ten years ago because it works. Now, we can offer you a Colostrum PLUS product we only dreamed about. Ask for Symbiotics Colostrum PLUS. Simply because it’s better.


Sytrinol is part of the Cholesterol Rescue family of products. Sytrinol may help to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. Contrary to popular belief, the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver is much more significant to total cholesterol levels than cholesterol consumed from dietary sources. Preliminary clinical research shows that Sytrinol may assist in maintaining a balanced production of cholesterol by the liver. Support your cholesterol wellness with Sytrinol today.

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