Handheld E1 Service Tester for Digital Transmission Systems

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) offers its handheld E1 service tester, a multi-functional test device for digital transmission systems. It is intended for installation testing, engineering check and acceptance and daily maintenance of E1 PCM lines (G.703 2Mbit/s).

The handheld tester conducts channel testing, alarm analysis, fault detection and signal analysis of E1 (2Mb/s) lines. The service tester’s handheld structure and durable design make the E1 tester easy to carrying for on-the-spot measurements.

This E1 service tester, model A0300012, supports HDB3 and AMI line coding. The practical tester performs error analysis according to the G.821, G.826 and M.2100 ITU-T standards. It monitors any voice channel at the receiving terminal and measures signal voltage and frequency at the same time. The compact service tester displays the status of the transmission circuit and identifies cable faults effectively. It uses the Test Manager Software for test result analysis, archiving and printout via the serial port. The multi-functional tester supports continuous test performance up to 99 days using five AA NiMH batteries.

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About GAO Instruments

GAO Instruments is a leading provider of telecom instruments testers, optical and electronic measurement instruments, and other electronic products that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

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