Compact Wiegand-to-Ethernet Networkable Access Controller

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( has released its compact Wiegand-to-Ethernet smart controller fit for door accesses applications. The compact networkable access controller is able to be connected to any kind of Wiegand reader, such as a magnetic stripe reader, RFID reader or fingerprint reader.

It communicates with a server on the network using TCP or UDP protocols. The controller has a Wiegand port and a 10/100 Base Ethernet port for communication.GAO RFID Inc’s Wiegand-to-Ethernet controller, model 481018, includes a programmable control unit enabling random operation and supports 50 users, 10 visitors and 20 time logs with 2k memory capacity. It features central control and easy overview of event log reports. This compact networkable access controller has a separate control unit and reader for high security demands and boasts a master card for appending or deleting visitor’s authority directly from the external reader. Two input sensors are included for the detection of unlocked door and exit button pressed. In addition, it provides settings for card number checking and two relay outputs for external alarm and electric lock.

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