Sytel Provides Solution to Ofcom Clampdown

Sytel Limited is launching an initiative, with immediate effect, to protect call centre operations from falling foul of Ofcom’s new proposals to increase fines for non-compliance with its outbound dialling rules to £2million.  (Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK responsible for the setting and policing of outbound dialling rules.)

Sytel Managing Director Michael McKinlay said that “Many contact centres, through no fault of their own, are now faced with investments in diallers that cannot deliver effective performance for them under compliance.  We know that budgets are stretched everywhere, so we are structuring replacement deals that will leave companies cash neutral, whilst giving them the extra productivity benefits under compliance that our dialler uniquely provides. “Actual levels of silent calls in the UK are running much higher than the 3% limit demanded by Ofcom.  But the days are now gone when users of diallers should have the capability, unwittingly or otherwise, to push up their dialler pacing beyond compliance levels in search of better performance.

Softdial Plugin from Sytel is the only dialler to be engineered from the ground up for the maximum performance possible under compliance.  And Sytel is still the only vendor to actually enforce compliance within our product, which means that our users have absolutely no exposure to the new levels of fine now being proposed.

We will be offering free trials as a part of all deals to get our product working and delivering the benefits in days, not weeks.  said McKinlay.

About Sytel

Sytel Limited is the world’s leading supplier of predictive dialling algorithms on an OEM basis to the contact centre industry.  Sytel Limited is also a leading call centre vendor in its own right.  It delivers secure, resilient IP telephony and media infrastructure software for carriers, enterprises and hosted contact centre providers, connecting and managing calls and media sessions, without boundary. Sytel solutions provide high-volume routing and media processing on a distributed host-based platform, and are driving inbound, outbound and blended telephony and other media types in over 40 countries. Sytel’s toolsets deliver advanced capabilities to subscribers via the web, including scripting of call processing, real-time reporting and configurable dashboards.

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