Ring Central Fax

Ring central has designed this advance types of <b>fax</b> for hectic professionals and small businesses – entrepreneurs who take and manage issues on their own. That’s why we consider that if you had the gears which will help you to manage things without difficulty and within your means to have power over your company’s communication.

There is no need of hardware and it is at all times on secure instant activation. We also offer you a free trail. So sign up with us to know more and enjoy the advance fax system. The features include in the plan are:

<li>Toll Free or Local Numbers</li>

<li>Receive Faxes as Email</li>

<li>Fax from Any Application</li>

<li>Secure Faxing</li>

<li>Edit and Sign Faxes Electronically</li>

<li>Outlook Integration</li>

<li>Fax Alerts</li>

<li>Detailed Fax Logs</li>

<li>Web-based Account Management</li>


For Additional Information visit http://www.ringcentral.com/

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