Signal and System Kit Provides Abundant Experiment Modules

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( offers its signal and system experiment kit which boasts many analog circuit functions modules for signal and system experiments

It is also equipped with a JTAG interface for digital signal processing (DSP) experiments such as mathematics operations, digital oscillator, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), task scheduling and prioritization of DSP/BIOS, thread management of DSP/BIOS and AD sampling. The signal and system experiment kit, modelSSP2500, provides a variety of digital signal output waveform sources controlled by a DSP. It offers enhanced functions in the time and frequency domains – the most important aspect in signal and system experiments. Additionally, this instrument can be connected to a computer via serial port to form a virtual oscilloscope, allowing the waveforms and spectrum of both original signals and processed signals to be displayed on the screen of the computer.

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