Easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk offering easy and effective online recruitment

Easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk is a United Kingdom based website that offers a very effective online recruitment service. The website belongs to the company, Easy Online Recruitment Ltd. The company has years of experience that makes it possible for it to offer cheap yet easy recruitment services. It has helped a lot of companies this way, in finding the perfect candidates for their respective vacancies.

Easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk has a very good buying power. It allows the website to buy significant advertising space as well as an access to the CV databases of the popular job sites like Reed, Monster, Jobsite, Fish4Jobs and Total Jobs.This excellent advertising space and access to the CV databases makes sure that the vacancies available at the clients companies attract applications from a really wide range of potential candidates.

The website offers cost effective http://www.easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk/”>job recruitment</a> services through its wide range of flat fee recruitment packages. These flat free UK recruitment packages start at a fee of just £299. The £299 fee is for an advertisement only campaign, with VAT additionally charged. Under this package a particular job is advertised by the website on at least 5 of the most popular job boards for a period of 2 weeks, flat.

There also are a number of other flat fee recruitment packages for £499 and £599 each.

The £499 package offers advertising and selection. It offers the same services as the £299 package. The additional thing offered in this package is that the clients are offered a service that lets them select the CVs on their own. They can check out every CV that comes in and select the ones that they find suitable, apart from the ones that the website sends them.

The £995 package offers a <a href=”http://www.easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk/”>flat fee recruitment</a> fee for all types of vacancies. It includes placing the advertisements for the vacancies on all the leading job boards in UK. Also the package involves a search through the leading online CV databases.

The package also offers the clients to speak to all candidates directly, to check every fact on their own if they want to. Under this package the website actually arranges interview and after it is done, it also takes feedback from both the sides.

The website helps in finding right candidates for contact centers, field sales executives, call centers, tele marketing jobs as well as for non profit/charity related jobs

The fact is the website offers a fantastic online recruitment service for all kinds of job vacancies.

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