How do I get into the Penny Stock Market?

Max 350 to 450 WordsIf there is and advice that you take it can be summed up into one statement: do your homework.   Start by going on to the internet and looking up websites like Pink Sheets and get yourself acquainted with the market.  You will see companies listed there and start to understand the over-the-counter market.

There are business journals and publications, as well as blogs and discussion forums that will all give you some insight into this market.  Remember that some of the best advice that you can get is the unsolicited advice of someone who has been there.  They will be able to tell you their experience and perhaps help you to avoid making mistakes that they made before they happen.Not everyone who wants to get into the market is the same.  Sometimes people are lured to the penny stock market because they are new to the stock market and want to get in and get a feel for it without having to invest a large sum of money.  So long as these folks understand the volatility, and that big gains and big losses are possible, then that is fine.  There are also those investors that are experieced with trading on the bigger markets, and are looking for a little excitement.  They may have done well in the larger companies and feel like they have a little extra to gamble on a smaller player.  Some things are the same for everyone who moves into the penny stock market; you must research the company that you want to invest in or you are much more likely to lose what you have invested than you are to realize substantial gains.

If you can find a broker through someone that you know that is the best way.  If you don’t know anybody, then go out and find one and make sure to ask them lots of questions.  If they don’t have the time to answer, or worse if they don’t know the answer then you need to move on.  You should also make sure that they have not been subject to any disciplinary action by the SEC.  Do this and you will be more comfortable and safer as you explore the exciting world of penny stocks.

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