Quality Memory Foam Mattresses For Better Back Comfort At Back2comfort

Back2comfort the UK online memory foam mattress store have recently updated their memory foam sleep products to include on selected memory foam mattresses the option of either a Mayflex or B2C Memory Foam Mattress.

The Mayflex 6000 memory foam mattress quickly responds to the body and conforms to support and cradle you in sleep. As the memory foam envelops you the pressure on your hips, shoulders and back will be supported and evenly distributed. The luxurious comfort and support this mattress delivers will result in a more restful sleep. This mattress also comes with high quality quilted removable cover. It is fully breathable and is easily washed and replaced.The Back2Comfort memory foam mattress is manufactured from high density premium quality memory foam. This memory foam mattress is strong pressure and heat sensitive, providing adequate support and relief to areas that are under high pressure. This memory foam is very quick to react and change quickly to support the body when the position is changed, providing a constant body support, ensuring a more restful healthy sleep.

Back2comfort is a leading UK online store selling the top quality adjustable memory foam mattress, toppers and pillows wide range. The company also offers 5% instantly discount all back care products including memory foam pillows and every memory foam mattress order and free UK delivery.

For further details, please visit Back2comfort.co.uk or contact our customer service directly at 01752 547608

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