Credit Crunch inspiring a rise in volunteer travel amongst young professionals

Hands Up Holidays , the award winning responsible travel operator who believes that travel can make a positive difference, has noted that the economic downturn is inspiring some to seek meaning and enrichment through volunteer travel.

One of Hands Up Holidays’ key client segments is Young Professionals (aged 25-38), and it is this segment that has been arguably most affected to date in the current economic turmoil, and yet Managing Director Christopher Hill, himself a former investment banker, has recorded a noticeable spike in bookings from Young Professionals.

The reasons cited by clients are a desire to have meaningful experiences in their life, and they have been attracted to the Hands Up Holidays concept of a ‘taste of volunteering’ to allow them to dip their toes in the waters of volunteer travel, and find out if it is for them. “Some clients have decided to ride out the storm by travelling for an extended period of time, rather than scramble for scarce jobs with poor bonuses” says Hill.

Popular voluntourism destinations by young professionals are:
South Africa, India and Nepal, and extended multi-country tailormade volunteering trips in South America and South-East Asia.

Hands Up Holidays offers scheduled tours as well as tailor-made volunteering trips, and it is the latter trips that have been most in demand from young professionals, especially as these can be arranged for individuals, and for extended periods of time.

Young Professionals are “attracted to Hands Up Holidays because they can blend exploring a destination with comfortable accommodation and meaningful interaction with the local people in a safe, collaborative context through voluntourism” says Hill.

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HANDS UP HOLIDAYS, the award winning volunteer travel operator who believes that travel can make a positive difference, offers a selection of 150 trips to 30 destinations blending travel with meaningful volunteering experiences.

ALL CARBON EMMISSIONS FROM FLIGHTS ARE OFFSET – Hands Up Holidays, partnered with Climate Stewards, pays to have trees planted or for other energy efficient solutions to be provided to guests.

PUTTING PROFITS BACK – Hands Up Holidays gives at least 10% of its profits back to its project partners for further community development.

PARTNERS include Rotary International and the Tear Fund. Hands Up Holidays is also a founding member of the Ethical Tour Operators Group (part of Tourism Concern) and an affiliate member of Green Globe (an environmental standards organisation).

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